Director of Photography | Analogue photographer | Director/DP

Based between Dubai and the UK, I shoot across the globe from observational documentary to commercial. In every situation I create rich, organic images that tell the human story. I’ve shot for major broadcasters like BBC, Netflix, Discovery and ITV as well as numerous brands, governments and NGOs. I've worked at 4000m altitude in the Himalayas, with street children in Sao Paolo, scientists in Malawi and covid ICU wards in Dubai.

Seven years ago, after a practical degree in Film & Production from the University of York, I cut my teeth shooting and camera assisting in the North of England. Since then I've worked at various levels on a very diverse range of productions, at every opportunity learning and honing my skills. 
I now work on premium content as both a DP and a Director/DP, with a winter base in the UAE and a summer base in the UK.
I use real life references and analogue photography to inform my imaging making. I want my photographs to have as much depth and feeling as possible. I embrace imperfections and shy away for anything visually 'over-edited'. To me it has to feel human.
Global Experience

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