Far away from hearth, home and heritage, a young Himalayan scholar is faced with physical disablement and desolation. As he takes on his mountains, he finds solace in his spirituality, ethnic identity, and love for the wilderness.
Official Selection at Kendal Mountain Festival 2017
Producer: Vaibhav Kaul

DP: John Seddon

Sound Design: Oliver Guy

Himalayan Footage: Ross Harrison

Music & Poetry:

Sarangi (original short instrumental)
Performed by Ustad Kamal Ahmed

“Haratanaya Sree” (instrumental)
Veena Kinhal
from the Free Music Archive, CC 0

“Fidayda” (instrumental)
Turku, Nomads of the Silk Road
from the Free Music Archive, CC BY 4.0

“The Sound of Infinity, the Origin” (original vocal in Raga Bhairava)
Performed by Vaibhav Kaul
Composed/written by Acharya Brihaspati
Taught by Vidushi Divya Jain

“Valley of Hope” (original Urdu poem)
Written and recited by Vaibhav Kaul ‘Mahfouz’

“Gone, gone, gone across, gone completely beyond. An awakening; so it goes!”
from the Heart Sutra, a 7th century CE Buddhist text

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