This is Manchester, featuring poetry and bees - a taster of its buzzing creative and cultural identity.
It a progressive city with a proud and defiant community. It was the cotton capital of the world, the birthplace of feminism and home to a strong creative industry in arts, literature and music.
"If Liverpool was a person how would you describe them?"
This is Liverpool. A vibrant insight into its creative and cultural identity. Featuring a bespoke duet of dance and physical theatre as well as many of the city's most iconic venues. It's a place full of character and personality. It's friendly, funny, passionate and outgoing. It’s a proud, resilient, post-industrial port city with a rich history and stunning waterfront.
This is Hull, with hope in the making. A city forgotten, left behind, but now bursting with progress, community and music. Hull is a powerful story of resilience, as told by Jodie Langford.
This is Birmingham, backed up by Lady Sanity. 
It’s a fusion of culture, food, religion and art. It’s the UK’s underrated 2nd largest city.
Commissioned by the British Council

Director: John Seddon
DP: James Parsons

Editor: Roscoe Neil
Sound Designer: Oliver Guy
Production Coordinator: Joshua Tingle

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